OUR VISION | To gain true market share for Indigenous businesses within the mining, energy and exploration sectors. ​

OUR MISSION | Develop and connect Indigenous businesses with real business opportunities.

Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration Ltd (AEMEE) is an incorporated not-for-profit company set up to grow Indigenous businesses in Australia and overseas in mining and allied industries by:

  • Advancing commercial opportunities

  • Promoting Aboriginal economic development

  • Strengthening existing and new businesses

  • Building the capacity of Indigenous business enterprises

  • Advancing the interests of a growing sector

  • Assisting to identify potential business opportunities

  • Creating linkages with Communities, Industry and Government


AEMEE was established in recognition that Aboriginal people want to engage in the economic and social benefits that result from resource development on their traditional lands. AEMEE acknowledges and supports the notion that Aboriginal people want to be actively involved in the Australian economy and to share in the wealth created by the resources sector.



2019 AEMEE National Resource Sector Awards Ceremony Highlights...


AEMEE Delegates talk about what makes the AEMEE Conference a valuable networking event. 


AEMEE Delegates, Aboriginal Business Owners and Chairperson, Derek Flucker; talking business, industry and all things AEMEE with Nicky Hamer on Sky News Live, Mundine Means Business. View full episode here...

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2019 Sponsors 

Mr Derek Flucker 

Managing Director
RBY Projects Pty Ltd

Mr Ron Villaflor
Chief Executive Officer
Eastern Guruma Pty Ltd

Mr Brendan Bishop
Managing Director 
First Enterprises

Mr John Briggs
General Manager

Intract Indigenous Contractors

Mr Raymond Pratt

Director Dice Australia

CEO AllGrid Energy


In pursuit of AEMEE's objectives, Directors aim to:

  • advance the condition and welfare of Aboriginal people by increasing their involvement and interests in the resources industry in economic development, mineral resource management and environmental protection;

  • improve relations and understanding between Aboriginal people and Aboriginal companies and all relevant participants in the mining industry;

  • create opportunities for Aboriginal businesses to build the wealth, assets and good will within the resources industries;

  • increase opportunities for Aboriginal companies to develop into viable, profitable and successful businesses.



AEMEE will, through its Board and network, bring together professionals from the mining industry and private sector business to:

  • facilitate discussion between its members about matters of importance to them, particularly matters of national and international significance;

  • develop, and facilitate joint or agreed policies and strategies in relation to matters of importance to its network;

  • implement joint or agreed strategies and otherwise advocating and promoting joint or agreed policy positions;

  • facilitate the provision of research and other professional services to its network in relation to matters of importance, particularly matters of national and international significance;

  • keep its network informed by convening meetings, forums, seminars and workshops dedicated to advancing and promoting the interests of Aboriginal business owners;

  • maintain programs designed to keep interested parties informed of industry projects;

  • promote and provide networking opportunities;

  • engage proactively with the community, industry  and governments; and

  • host programs in areas where there is a specific industry community benefit.


The Board of the AEMEE consists of Aboriginal business people with industry experience who volunteer their time to advance commercial opportunities for Aboriginal people.