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2018 Winners of the first National Resource Sector Awards announced!

For the first time, in 2018, AEMEE introduced the National Resource Sector Awards which highlighted the success of Indigenous businesses that service and support the resource sector in Australia. The awards recognised the great work resource companies are providing Indigenous businesses and the Indigenous employment sector.

2018 AEMEE National Resource Sector Awards Badge

The Mining and Resource Sector is the largest private sector employer of Indigenous Australians and a long history exists between these parties, which has led to this success. The resource sector is clearly a big spender in this space with over $10 billion worth of investment over the past 10 years.

In this sector there are a number of stories of Indigenous businesses doing well on the back of this huge investment and there are a number of great stories from resource companies that have supported and developed very successful Indigenous economic development programs.

AEMEE developed these awards to recognise the contribution of the resource sector and those Indigenous businesses that have reaped success in this space.

AEMEE officially launched the 2018 National Resource Sector Awards in May 2018 and called for nominations in three major categories.

The awards were presented at the 14th Annual AEMEE Conference, in Fremantle, Western Australia on 12 October 2018 at the 2018 AEMEE National Resource Sector Awards Dinner.


2018 New Indigenous Business of the Year Winner

Far West Coast Investments

2018 Resource Sector Business of the Year Winner

Rio Tinto

2018 Resource Sector Business of the Year Winner

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